Getting Started

Ready to use the OddsMatrix Sports Data Feeds?

Standard Data Feeds Integration

OddsMatrix currently provides several XML feed options and clients can fully customize the odds selection with their favorite sports, markets, and events.

In order to start the integration with our data feeds, the first thing you’ll need is to reach out to our sales team and request a free trial. Once you have the free trial, you’ll be able to start testing the data.

  • Step 1

    Reach out to our sales team

  • Step 2

    Agree on the feed configuration and request a trial account

  • Step 3

    Use one of our well documented integration methods or build yours

  • Step 4

    Enjoy and test our data for FREE for up to a month

  • Step 5

    Sign the contract and go live


24/7 Dedicated Support

We offer 24/7 Support for any missing events, markets, settlements. Furthermore, 24/7 Technical Monitoring services are available to avoid and fix production disruptions with the feed.

Dedicated Account Management is available for dialogue about product and content improvements that you’d like to see, including any changes in your content package.

Behind the scenes, our 24/7 Trading Team is monitoring the betting patterns and adjusting the bookmaker feed to deal with suspicious events and markets with poor margins.


XML and JSON file format

The standard format is an XML feed. A JSON format is also an option, but it requires the client to create the connector app on their end.

Multiple integration methods

  • SDQL using XML Feeds
  • Java SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Connectors provided for Java, JavaScript, and C#

Connection types

The system uses PULL (via TCP socket) and PUSH (via HTTP requests). Clients connect to the feed and the server starts sending the initial data dump for your account configuration. If the connection is lost, clients can catch missed messages and resume connection, without having to get a new initial data dump.

Once that is finished, any change that happens in the system will be sent to you as an update if you remain connected to the feed and keep reading the data. The access restrictions (time between resubscribe requests, maximum number of resubscribe requests) are customizable.

PULL – Data is retrieved by sending Update Requests (30 seconds gap)

PUSH – Data is automatically refreshed, and the updates are sent to the client in real-time

Data publication speed for 99.5% of the entities is less than 1 sec and is constantly monitored. All services have high availability with multiple servers working simultaneously to prevent downtime.

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Why us

Get even more with
OddsMatrix Data Feeds

Populate your betting offer with accurate and constantly verified fixtures across thousands of sports and esports leagues and tournaments. The OddsMarix Data Service guarantees one of the most precise pre-match and live data services in the industry.

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    Multiple sources of score and match event data compared for maximum confidence
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    99.99% auto-settlement for every betting outcome offered as early as possible
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    Combine data feeds from multiple providers to generate own odds
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    No intensive resources in terms of bandwidth, latency, and technical overheads
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    Select the data feeds, sports and esports, and tournaments you need
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    Follow the payout of competitors and tweak odds from sport down to market level
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    40+ language translations for tournaments, participants, sport, location, bet and event part​s
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    Dedicated account management, technical support, and 24/7 trading monitoring